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This 6-week fitness program will challenge you, make you resilient, but you will finish stronger. Find your strength and balance in life, set your priorities right. Say yes to your goals and focus with me! 42 days of fitness, live classes, catch up classes, daily tips and accountability. For just £7 a day. In the schedule there are: 1) STRONG Nation classes run by Zuza (Monday, Wednesday) 2) Stretch classes (Saturday) 3) "Action of the Day" to do on your own 🏃🚴 4) international LIVE EVENT run by the masters of STRONG Nation on the 24th of April ! Run for 12 hours by trainers from around the globe. Just jump in at any time. :D YOUR BONUSES: 1 - MEAL PLAN with recipes 2 - PDF Class schedule and evaluation form 3 - daily insights and evaluation in dedicated for the program SPACES Wix APP bit.ly/Zu2wixap or find the download link on the bottom of the page. It's simple: - SIGN UP to get your PDF Guide - GET PREPARED - check in the app - TAKE THE CLASSES - FINISH STRONG :)

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Zuza Zaouche
Zuza Zaouche


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