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Beef, Chicken or Pork? Health Benefits Comparison!

Beef, Chicken or Pork? Health Benefits Comparison!

When it comes to meat, people tend to think chicken is the best, as it is healthy, white, light, fluffy and tasty meat to consume. Plus, it is cheap!

Yes, it is cheap. However, the chicken we buy from the supermarket is not as healthy as we think. White meat could be a great source of proteins when would be bred in a proper way.

Unfortunately, chickens these days are raised in indoor operations. They never see the natural light and never breathe the fresh air. Their diet is mainly made up of corn and soy.

Saying this, chicken meat is high in omega-6 linoleic acids that are linked to promoting cancer, Alzheimer's diseases and some heart problems, when consumed in excess.

When it comes to pork, sad to say, but it is very similar situation here. The meat we are getting from big grocery shops is raised for a high scale. So, the meat lacks all the nutrients they should be full of, and they provide an excess of omega-6 instead.

On the contrary, beef is raised outdoors. Cattle are eating grass as they are supposed to, therefore their meat is rich in all the nutrients and vitamins they should provide. Beef is richer in calories and fats compare to chicken or pork. Therefore, consuming red meat fill us quicker and satisfy for longer. `So paradoxically, we eat fewer calories.

Regrettably red meat is highly discouraged to be consumed as some studies showing that it is linked to cardiovascular diseases. And though, for some degree this can be true, here we want to defend the thesis that if we eat good quality beef once a week, it will be better for us than eating white, supposedly healthier meat.

So considering all the pros and cons, it could be a daunting decision which meat to choose for your dinner. It is always worth thinking about the long-term health benefits.

The most important thing is the quality of the food. So it's better to eat less or less often but of great quality, rather than eat often but something that does not bring any benefits to our body.

The table below is for you to check, which type of meat provides the most specific vitamins and minerals. If the meat was bred properly, obviously :)

What about you? Are you meat eater?

Which meat do you prefer, which one is your favourite in terms of taste?

Let us know by commenting below.

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