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Can probiotics affect your sleep?

Can guts affect your sleep?

Some studies suggest that taking probiotics for 6 weeks or more, can improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep quality is related to all different aspects like mood, depressive symptoms, concentration, anger, fatigue or anxiety.

The better quality of sleep, the better mental health will be.

Do you believe that some of the bacteria in your gut can actually make you awake at night?

There is not much said about it in recent studies. However, a study done on probiotics concluded with a positive effect on sleep and quality of sleep.

I believe the only way of checking this out is to actually start taking some probiotics and probiotics to check not out!

Let me know if you are taking some at the moment.

Or maybe you eat nutritious food with lots of good bacteria to make your gut happy and at the same time have a better quality of sleep.

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