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How was your Detox?

Did you join the team? did you do the 7-Day Detox Challenge?

How do you feel after it?

I feel much lighter and much more concentrated.

Avoiding certain types of food was so great.

Made me realise how for example sugar is driving my hunger and appetite. How much more food I consumed when I was eating sweets and lots of carbs.

Now I can recommend it to anyone who wants to start new good eating habits.

After the week of detox, I started again to be more aware of the ingredients that I put on my plate.

Are they clean? Are they versatile? Are there enough greens on my plate?

Everything was matter again.

It was a great week I have to say!

If you didn't follow and you think you might actually give it a go, the videos of me cooking are still out there.

If you are ready to do a full 7-Detox challenge the food book can be purchased here for only £10!

Good Luck! :)

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