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You know that nutrition is key when it comes to weight management. Proper nutrition will improve your skin condition, raise your mood, elevate tiredness and the weight loss will be a pleasant side effect of healing, allergen-free nutrition. We made it easy for you devising this kick start 30-day program to Healthy Living.


You will feel:

- less bloated,

- more energised,

- your skin will improve,

- you'll also shift your mood!


The program is for you if

1. You have difficulty losing weight on their own.

2. You have a skin condition.

3. You have digestion problems.

4. You need to regulate sugar levels.


Signing up to the program you'll get:

- meal plan guidance,

- coach and group online support,

- Herbal Infusion Blend Tea, 1 in the Core Pack, 2 in the Big Value Pack option

- Digestion Plus, pro and prebiotics,

- Daily Fibre Support,

- Protein Shake Powder, 1 in the Core Pack, 2 in the Big Value Pack option

- Energy Fizz Sticks, 1 box of 30 in the Core Pack, 2 in the Big Value Pack option

- cook your meal ideas,

- access to a dedicated closed Facebook group with more support.


This programme comes with remote coaching and you will get everything you need to start wherever you are.

Healthy Living kick start program


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