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Find your best self, lose weight, build strength, and have more energy! 

Learn how to make the right choices for looking and feeling your best.


You tell me your goals I’ll help you get there. In under one year, you’ll feel better than you ever thought possible. Proven strategies to help you get (and keep) the life and body you want.

You’ve probably tried multiple times to lose weight on your own but nothing worked in the long run.


With the sustainable, practice-based approach you will build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time.

The result? You’ll lose the weight (and inches) you haven’t been able to shed for years. You’ll have more energy than ever before and you’ll build physical strength and find new confidence in your body.

The time frame to reach your goal depends only on you and your commitment.


Here is what do you get:
1. Everyday lesson, support and accountability.

2. 12-month of an online programme tailored to your goal. Home and Gym version.
3. Nutrition guide and meal ideas for your own specific goals and requirements.

Are you ready for a change? Get on it now, no need to wait for New Year resolutions. :)

I'll see you inside the programme!

Training Programme and Nutrition coaching for Improved Fitness

£1,200.00 Regular Price
£600.00Sale Price
Coaching options
Length of coaching

    Qualified Personal Trainer Zuzanna

    Zaouche Body Shaping Training @ Pure Gym Reading Calcot RG31 7SA, Berkshire, UK

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