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Benefits of making meals from scratch.

I strongly believe that cooking your own food from scratch is so beneficial to our health and mental well-being.

My parents taught me how to cook because we used to do it together when I was little. They explained to me that cooking at home is healthier and more satisfying. Knowing how to cook is a gold life skill.

They told me all the WHY’s the cooking from scratch so important. Plus it is cheaper than eating out (we are not talking about Mcdonald's off course, that is not a meal!)

Let’s think about what is so good about cooking at home with your family and friends.

Firstly, preparing a meal at home is very satisfying. You have all the control over the meal prep. You exactly know what you are putting into your meal, and what type of ingredients there are. You might choose organic, more proteins, less or more fatty, more veggies of your preference, and so on. There is no hidden ingredient you are not aware of. You EXACTLY know what you are eating.

Secondly, the food is more nutritious. I cannot see yourself putting some enhancements, softeners or lab-made ingredients to reinforce the flavour or appearance. All you do is you put some baking soda or make the meal more appealing by organising it on the plate nicely. You don’t interfere with your meal with edible chemicals, which in the long run will affect your health badly, right?

Another point to mention is that the food you make tastes better. You put the right amount of spices you like. Your food is not too salty, too spicy, tasteless or too much of anything you don’t like and.....etc, etc.

Cooking at home is more cost-effective than going out. Creating a delicious and nutritious meal at home is much less expensive compared to a good and nutritious meal in town. You can cook in batches and freeze the leftovers. You can make a meal plan for the whole week and buy only the food you need to make those meals. It is a game changer, trust me!

Also, you can grow your own veggies in your garden or patio, and have some beautiful meals out of them for the whole summer.

Being able to cook food from scratch is a great skill to pass it on to the next generation. Cooking together is a way of releasing stress and is very emotionally satisfying. It is like a session and the psychologist's office ;)

Overall, cooking from scratch is so beneficial for our physical and mental health, that it would be a shame not to do this.

Let me know if you cook at home, or you prefer to go out for meals or you maybe you buy ready-to-eat food and warm it up whenever convenient.

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Kevin Hallowell
Kevin Hallowell
Mar 25, 2023


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