My story

 Hi, I'm Zuza Your health and fitness coach who will help You with every aspect of shaping and toning your real body and find the balance in your life.

Probably just like you, I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight throughout my life since I was a child. Chocolate bars and packets of crisps were easily reachable at my parent's shop, so whenever I felt hungry I had one of those to silence the hunger for a while.  


Growing concerned about my weight I had been yo-yo dieting. I tried all sorts of classes from callanetics to aerobics and Zumba, basketball to capoeira in the aim to shape my body. The breakthrough came with a breakup and a strong desire to stand strong for myself. 

I started going to the gym regularly and studying nutrition which suddenly stopped being just a fancy word for food. While pondering over how to lose weight and keep it off, I learned that to get the long-lasting results you need to follow the full system integrating mind and body otherwise you relapse in the circle of constant "life on a diet".


Now I am a personal trainer and a health coach in Reading ready to help You change your body image and make you fall in love with the Real You!


My Transformation

When my relationship was on a brink of collapse I suddenly felt the desire to be strong, independent and happy whatever happens. 

I decided to invest in myself, set goals and worked hard. On the journey to physical fitness you get to work also on your mental fitness, you fix your self-worth, your focus, strength and confidence. 

Between those pictures is 12 kg difference but not only; I started feeling like I became a woman once again.

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Zuzanna Zaouche

Body Shaping Training

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Reading, Berkshire, UK


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