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My Story

Hi, I'm Zuza your health and fitness coach who will help you with every aspect of shaping and toning your real body and find the balance in your life. Through strength training and nutrition coaching, I will help you to get your real body back, feel strong, toned and healthy, and gain more confidence in your own skin.

Growing concerned about my weight I had been yo-yo dieting. I tried all sorts of classes from callanetics to aerobics and Zumba, basketball to capoeira in the aim to shape my body. The breakthrough came with a relationship struggles and a strong desire to stand strong for myself.

winner achieve more
weight loss transformation

Joining a gym and having a structure to a hectic life was just the beginning of positive changes in my life a few years back. 

As your coach I want to take you on such a journey too, where you find your strength, confidence, shape up your body and get control over your cravings.

You may be looking for a weight loss, stronger body and bones, toned muscles but deep down it's a search for self-love and approval.

As your personal trainer, I want to show you that body and mind go hand in hand growing in strength, and on the way, you will have lots of fun with physical training.

Chat to me on the gym floor, text or email, let's get to know each other and meet for a consultation.
I will assist you with the coaching program, training program, nutrition guide and advice.

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