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Fun Fact

Chop Your veggies!

Chopping your cruciferous veggies before cooking them releasing myrosinase.

This is the enzyme with anticancer properties.

Supforaphane which is produced with help of myrosinase, will fight inflammation in the cels.

Supforaphane can protect the cells from carcinogenesis, also they are causing cancer cell death.

Eating cruciferous veggies that contain sulforaphane it's good, both for body and mind. some studies proved that sulforaphane reduce symptoms of autism. Also, some studies examining the potential of including sulforaphane to preventive medicine for people who suffer from schizophrenia.

Other benefits these veggies introduce ;

- protecting the brain

- protecting eye-sight

- reducing free radicals

- eliminating toxins and preventing cancer

The way to make the most of it, is to chop cruciferous veggies and leave them for about 40 min before cooking them. Then cook them on a slow mode:)

So as you can see some veggies are very powerful! The health benefits they provide are priceless. All we need to know, is to how to prepare them to get the most out of them.

Are you gonna chop your veggies and wait for magic enzyme appear?

I strongly recommend it :)

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