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Message from Kamila the creator of our first recipe book:

"Hi My name is Kamila, I studied Nutrition at University of Reading and I am very passionate about healthy, full of nutrients and flavour food. 

I am sharing with you my new eBook today! 

I was working on it for a few weeks and came up with some great recipes that are so delicious. They are designed to gives you a lot of energy to keep your body strong and active for a long time without feeling hungry quickly. 

I hope you enjoy them as I, my whole family and friends did, who gave me some feedback. Thanks to them I could develop and improve the recipes and make them taste great and keep all the nutrients intact."


Here you will find our own created recipes for you to enjoy and stay healthy.


12 delicious meals you will love it!

3 Breakfast Recipes

3 Lunch Recipes  

4 Dinner Recipes 

2 Gluten Free Dessert Recipes 


The eBook is for everyone, if you are the one who wants to enrich your diet with nutrients and eat with pleasure, these recipes are for you. 

Slim down the healthy way!

Healthy Habits Recipe Book

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