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STRONG by Zuza class

Transform with the beat! Hight intensity training lead by the music

What is it about?

STRONG is a revolutionary 30-minute, high-intensity, full body workout where every single cardio and muscle-conditioning move is perfectly synced to original music. So instead of counting reps, you train to the beat, pushing past your limits and torching more calories. 🎶Zuza's style Strong mix up class to music🎶 includes ✅ kicks and punches, ✅ leg challenge, ✅ push up challenge, ✅ floor work, ✅ finished with a relaxing stretch all to the beat of energising music. 🎶🎶 You will sweat out all stresses, get better, faster, stronger. This interval training, where you're going from breathy to breathless, then to floor play to strengthen your core, will be a whole journey in less than an hour. Let's get strong and toned together!

Upcoming Sessions

  • 45 min
  • 10 British pounds
  • Pure Gym Reading Calcot RG31 7SA

Contact Details

  • Pure Gym Reading Calcot RG31 7SA

    PureGym Reading Calcot, A4, Theale, Reading, UK

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