Are you a busy professional looking to get in shape, lose weight and stay fit for life?

Whether your goal is to build muscle, burn fat
or just move and feel better I'm here for you.

I work with men and women who are looking

 to feel good, be strong,

feel healthy and have more confidence.

I will personally help you to get your real body back, 
feel again strong, fit, and toned.

Don't listen to me. Listen to my clients!

Zuza is very calm, patient and also very understanding


I picked Zuza because she is lovely, caring and kindest person I have ever met. Zuza is very calm and patient also very understanding. She is good at giving advice and give confidence when feeling low and ready to give up. Most of all Zuza never gives up without a fight and will keep on pushing you as she know you are strong and she believes in you. 

I feel much more confident!


I was looking for a personal trainer with whom I feel comfortable and I had gym introduction with you followed by what's half an hour taster session and I was looking for someone who can push me to the limit but the same time know my limits and you were that person. I was looking for someone who will coach me how to firm body while I'm losing weight. I feel much more confident at the gym now!

I wasn't expecting to lose weight


Before I joined, my activity level was extremely low and I was slightly overweight. I wasn't working out and started as a complete beginner. I didn't have any concerns whether to join. I wasn't expecting I would lose weight though. 

I've been really enjoying working with you, I've learned how to exercise safely and correctly by following your instructions and you've been keeping me motivated throughout the whole time. Apart from losing weight and getting stronger, I have also gained confidence, valuable knowledge and skills.

I have more energy and can push myself harder than I thought!


I was barely working out, easily out of breath.  After I did a taster session with Zuza and it was really good and felt like it should help me improve my fitness. I was worried about how crap my fitness was and that I might be embarrassed. The process of working with Zuza was wonderful. She's always motivational and if you struggle she is happy to edit your training so that it is achievable and still push you to do better. Now I have more energy and can push myself harder than I thought. I will continue to visit the gym with proper techniques I have learnt from Zuza.

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Zuzanna Zaouche

Body Shaping Training

@ The Gym Group Reading West,

Oxford Road, RG30 1PR,

Reading, Berkshire, UK


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