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Hey! Are you a busy professional, happy with your life but not with the existing state of your body? Do you want to get in shape and stay fit for life?
Through strength training and nutrition coaching, I will help you to get your real body back, feel strong, toned and healthy, and gain more confidence in your own skin.

Results talk


Really love the physical results

Rebecca O.

I wasn’t athletic and barely stepped foot in a gym before we started to work together. I was also unhappy with my weight and how I looked. I wasn’t completely sure that I would start to like my body once I started training. I wanted to finally get the body I desired, and also to improve my relationship with food and fitness. 

It’s been a good process 😊 I thought I would be uncomfortable working out in a gym but with your encouragement, that wasn’t the case. I started to really love the working out experience and I really liked the physical results I was starting to see. My regret is not taking pictures of those results before COVID. 

I’m no longer afraid to step into a gym alone and I can see myself continuing my fitness journey for the future.


I never new my capability

Jade A.

I wasn’t happy within myself as I started gaining weight on and off. I joined Zuza’s training program because I wanted to lose weight and learn how to use the equipment safely with hurting myself. It was fun as I learned so many ways to exercise the same part of the body without getting bored and how to put a routine together.  Zuza is very patient, understanding and always have a smile on her face. She doesn’t give up as she believes in you also encouraged you to push further. The best result she taught me was my strength as I never knew my capability. 

Kevin 10 months transformation 2.jpg

I have new horizons, new goals

Kevin H.

I was an overweight diabetic on an uncontrolled eat what you see diet. I had been a member of the gym for about 9 months and was not making the progress I needed (I thought at the time I was doing well)

I did not see why anyone needs a PT - why spend money on something that you could do yourself.

It was a chance meeting in the gym - conversation while I was cooling down - which led to a taster session being arranged - nothing ventured nothing gained. The benefits were soon very apparent.

It's been an absolute delight - you have the gift of getting the best out of people - always encouraging, listening, pushing when needed and reassuring when you meet the inevitable bumps in the road.

The results far exceed what I believed possible - I am not the same person I was 10 months ago - yes I have lost 23 kgs but that's only part of it - I have a healthy and sustainable diet and have renewed energy / vitality.

The future - I have new horizons new goals - I would like to work on my strength, balance and flexibility, while maintaining my fitness and healthy diet.


Qualified Personal Trainer Zuzanna

Zaouche Body Shaping Training @ Pure Gym Reading Calcot RG31 7SA, Berkshire, UK

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