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Kettlebell Workout


Get Ready For Wedding Body Shaping 

Our premium service is specially designed to help you get your toned and sexy body ready for your Big Day. In the package you have: 

  • personal training tailored to your needs, 

  • skin care options with our beautician and

  • fitness, wedding or your chosen themed photoshoot.

Fast Track Body Shaping Feel Good and Fit

Get in the best shape of your life!

This programme will help you burn unwanted fat & get rid of love handles. You will get fit for life, learn what to eat to reach your body goal. Every training will let you release

tone of endorphins and leave you feeling happy and energized.

Look after yourself and your body!

Body Shaping Training 

Fit Camp & Boot Camp

Do you like the social side of keeping fit?

Get&Keep Fit Camp

Are you complete beginner and scared of the gym but want to get fit and have fun in a group?

Then come to our: 

  • Get&Keep Fit Camp @ Anderson Church, Earley

ToneYourBody Boot Camp

Are you a regular gym goer stuck on cardio machines but dreaming to firm your arms, tone your body and correct the posture? Happy to work in a group and split the cost of personal training?

Then this camp is for you:

  • ToneYourBody Boot Camp @The Gym, Reading West

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