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Healthy Coffee

How to make the most of this drink?

We already know that coffee, while drinking is an appropriate way, will boost our mood, but not only that!

What to do to make this drink healthy?

  1. Add some MCT oil

  2. Add ground cinnamon

  3. Drink it black

Never add sugar to your coffee!

That makes it just the usual sweet drink, with no benefits whatsoever.

MCT oil keeps you going for longer with no food if you fast. If you don’t fast, it's okay, it will still give you energy and it will feed your brain cells with food they most like.

Ground cinnamon is a no-brainer!

It offers so many benefits that it would be very silly to not use it whenever we can. Add a very nice and warming taste to your coffee too.

Support your gut health, manage blood pressure. Lowers blood sugar level and has anti-bacterial properties.

That’s only a few things to mention about cinnamon.

How do you take your coffee?

Do you add some milk? Or maybe you would like a latte with a splash of caramel syrup?

While it is okay to treat yourself sometimes with some extras…. On a daily basis, it's good to stick to something more healthy.

Try to add some MCT oil or cinnamon. Don’t add milk. Your body will thank you one day:)

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