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Hey! Are you a busy professional, happy with your life but not with the existing state of your body? Do you want to get in shape and stay fit for life?


Hi, I'm Zuza Your health and fitness coach who will help You with every aspect of shaping and toning your real body and find the balance in your life. Through strength training and nutrition coaching, I will help you to get your real body back, feel strong, toned and healthy, and gain more confidence in your own skin.

I struggled with maintaining a healthy weight throughout my life since I was a child. Chocolate bars and packets of crisps were easily reachable at my parent's shop, so whenever I felt hungry I had one of those to silence the hunger for a while.

Growing concerned about my weight I had been yo-yo dieting. I tried all sorts of classes from callanetics to aerobics and Zumba, basketball to capoeira in the aim to shape my body. The breakthrough came with a relationship struggles and a strong desire to stand strong for myself.

I started going to the gym regularly and studying nutrition which suddenly stopped being just a fancy word for food. While pondering over how to lose weight and keep it off, I learned that to get the long-lasting results you need to follow the full system integrating mind and body otherwise you relapse in the circle of constant "life on a diet".



Get fit! Get strong! Get your real body back by choosing one of the services below:


You may be happy with your professional life, but if there is even the slightest dissatisfaction with your present physical shape – this is the place for you! Get in shape and stay fit with us



Hundreds of people have transformed their physical appearance with us! Find out their experiences with us.

This will really inspire you to take the challenge

I wasn’t athletic and barely stepped foot in a gym before we started to work together. I was also unhappy with my weight and how I start to like my body once I started training. I wanted to finally get the body I desired, and also to improve my relationship with food and fitness.

Rebecca O.

Really love the physical results

I was an overweight diabetic on an uncontrolled eat what you see diet. I had been a member of the gym for about 9 months and was  not making the progress I needed (I thought at the time I was doing well)

Kevin H.

I have new horizons, new goals

I wasn’t happy within myself as I started gaining weight on and off. I joined Zuza’s training program because I wanted to lose weight and learn how to use the

Jade A.

I never new my capability

It starts with the right mindset! When that is combined with the right training and diet – you achieve amazing results.

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