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4 popular weight loss diets, quick review.

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

  • Intermittent Fasting.

This type of diet is more like a pattern of eating, rather than diet itself. Here, people restrict the time of the meals, rather than the meals itself. While you are in a period of eating, you can eat whatever you want. When it's time for fasting, there are no calories coming in your body. Only water, black coffee or black tea are allowed. The calorie intake is much lower than on a normal diet, so it is fairly easy to lose weight. Nevertheless, during the period of eating, you cannot overcompensate with too much food.

Intermittent fasting reduces inflammation markers, cholesterol level and blood sugar level.

Some of the great benefits of intermittent fasting are cellular repair, increased human growth hormone level, and protection from cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

  • Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean diet is composed mainly of fish good fats like olive oils, whole grains, legumes and nuts. This diet proved to be a great help in reducing and preventing cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity, asthma, cognitive decline or erectile dysfunction. Some studies show that the Mediterranean diet works similarly to other interventions, such as aspirin, statins, and physical activity, in terms of reducing risk of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality.

Consuming fish twice a week, as this diet recommends, is linked to improving lipid profile (measuring the amount of certain fat molecules called lipids in the blood) and reducing blood pressure.


  • The Ketogenic Diet.

A ketogenic diet is mainly built from high good fats content, moderate proteins, and very small amounts of carbohydrates (about 60%,30%,10% relatively). The idea of this diet came from a therapeutic diet for paediatric epilepsy. These days, ketogenic diets serve thousands of thousands of people as a rapid weight loss formula. Many studies proved that keto diets help overweight individuals with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. While lower levels of glucose are coming to the body, it improves insulin sensitivity. Reducing weight improves blood pressure, blood glucose level, regulates triglycerides and HDL cholesterol level. But… the LDL may increase on this diet. So although the diet works well and has many benefits, it is not recommended to become a lifestyle change compared to a Mediterranean diet.


  • Paleo Diet.

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On a Paleo diet, it is full of whole foods, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. The processed foods, sugar and sugary snacks, drinks etc, grains and dairy are removed from the menu. Basic idea of the paleo diet is to eat like our ancestors. Which is something that we can debate on. However, people who claim to be on this type of diet believe that all the benefits of eating these types of foods bring better mental and physical health.

There are many (1), (2) studies showing great results on losing weight while eating Paleo style foods. Also, this diet is claimed to be a good option for people who suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It may improve glucose tolerance and decrease waist circumference.



To wrap up, every diet bring some benefits for us. We can lose some weight, reduce the risk of some diseases or even prevent them from happening. And to be able to prevent some health issues only from right dieting is the greatest thing that we can think of. However, we need to be very careful when choosing the right one for us.

Eating should provide all the nutrients our body needs, should satisfy our taste buds and should be a stress free thing. So think twice before you commit to any diet and reflect which one will suit you the best.

Which diet are you on at the moment? Or maybe you would like to learn about some other diet that wasn't mention above ?

Let me know in the comments below.

Stay with us for more info about dieting and healthy living!

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