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Alcohol, good or bad for you?

Should we drink alcohol? Is the alcohol really bad for you? Some studies suggest that glass of wine here and there is actually good for you.

When comes to alcohol consumption, I believe this is very individual choice. However, to be aware of what is happening after alcohol intake is very crucial to make the best decision for yourself.

This is very, very simple overview of alcohol digestion. Nonetheless, it will give you some clues what happens to your body when you drink some %.

Alcohol starts to be absorbed in the mouth. 20 percent will go to the stomach. The stomach can be protected by food, when eaten before.

Most of the alcohol go to small intestine, for passive diffusion - for first path metabolism.

Small intestine has an enzyme to deal with the alcohol. Liver is the first organ exposed. Liver starts detoxify some of alcohol before rich the brain, when is broken down to acetate. The acetate potentially can cause significant damage.

Alcohol denature proteins and kill them in the liver. However, the liver can heal itself (if not expose to high amount of alcohol)

Cells in the brain will not be able to deal with it.

Some metabolism also occurs in the pancreas and as mentioned before in the brain, where damage the cells and tissues.

It’s worth to mention that men have higher level of enzyme that can digest the alcohol compare to woman. That is why woman can get drunk easier and become alcohol dependence quicker than man.

As you can see so many organs can be damaged by the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, it's very important to make some conscious decisions around it.

What do you think?

Is drinking alcohol in moderation okay?

Let me know what's your opinion.

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