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Gut health

Is the gut health important?

Some people says you are what you eat and I agree with that.

So if we talk about why we are who we are , we need to talk about the food. If about the food we need to talk about the guts. THIS IS WHERE MAGIC HAPPENS :)

Okay, the gut have so many bacteria that are very helpful, well... most of them anyway. They not only help digest foods, but they work all over the body and can be good for our physical and mental health. Yes, that is right mental health as well as physical!

There is a very interesting fact about the gut bacteria.

The gut and the brain may talk to each other, research says.

"The gut microbiome may affect your emotions and the way your brain processes information from your senses, like sights, sounds, flavors, or textures. Scientists suspect that changes in that balance may play a role in conditions like autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and depression, as well as chronic pain." (

Can we actually change the gut microbiome? Yes WE CAN :).

We can add some bacteria and get rid of some. Of course diet is the key. However, probiotics and probiotics are good to include in your diet to speed up the process.

Some of the naming that is good to understand while shopping for them. This comes form World Gastroenterology Organisation Global Guidelines.

"Probiotics - Live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host

Prebiotic - A selectively fermented ingredient that results in specific changes in the composition and/or activity of the gastrointestinal microbiota, thus conferring benefit(s) upon host health

Synbiotics - Products that contain both probiotics and prebiotics, with conferred health benefits"

They can make you immune system stronger and boost gut health. They may help with some allergies too.

So as we can see it's really important to look after our guts and make sure they get what they need to serve us well!

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