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Gut health

Did you know that all diseases begin in the gut? This is a very old saying. The guy named Hippocrates said that 460-370 years BC.

Wow! That is old!

People from that era already knew that the gut was playing a really important role in our health.

Let’s mention a few interesting pieces of information about gut health and what we know so far about it.

  1. The research from 1998 suggested a link between chronic inflammatory bowel and autism. All the children suffering from autism had inflammatory disease too.

  2. Humans cannot live without tiny microorganisms, which we carry on in our bodies everywhere. All these bacteria are highly organised micro-world with certain species predominating and controlling others. The number of functions they fulfil is so vital, that if our gut got sterilised we would not survive.

  3. Our healthy gut flora has the ability to neutralise nitrates, indoles, phenols, skatol, xenobiotics and other toxins.

There is more to come about gut health and what to do to keep it in good condition.

So stay tuned!

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