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Iodine is a trace element present in some food.

The human body needs iodine to change the food into energy.

Also, this element is very important for thyroid hormone, which regulate biochemical reactions in human body.

It controls body metabolism and many other function in the body.

Deficiency and excess of iodine is related to thyroid disease.

If there is not enough of iodine, the body cannot make right amount of thyroid hormone.

This can lead to many serious health problems.

In pregnent woman the fetus can be harmed. It might caused delay in sexual development or intellectual disability of the child. Some infants and children can have lower IQ.

The first sight of the iodine deficiency is an enlarged gland called goiter.

To avoid deficiency of element, our diet should be high in fish, seafood, eggs or seaweed.

Some diary products contain iodine too.

Consumption of good quality of salt is also the way to boost the iodine level, as this salt is iodised.

Many supplement like multivitamins contains iodine or they are iodine only. However, the supplements that are iodine only might contain high doses. Therefore, this needs to be taken under doctor supervision.

But not only iodine deficiency can lead to health problems.

If there is an excess of iodine the symptoms are very similar as iodine deficiency. Visible goiter, elevated TSH levels, and hypothyroidism.

To conclude both excess and deficiency of iodine are very dangerous and increase risk of thyroid disorders.

We should get most of our iodine intake from food, as a natural form is the best for our body. Although, if there is need for quick and efficient iodine levelling, the supplements high in iodine are advisable (under doctor supervision).

Are you iodine sufficient?

If you have any concerns check with your doctor as soon as possible.

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