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Meal planning

We are what we eat.

Do you agree?

I definitely agree with this quote.

As we already mentioned in a few blog posts we need our diet to be versatile.

We need to make sure we eat enough food rich in nutrients.

But … in such a busy way we live life these days, there is not too much time to spend on cooking and preparing food.

However, with a little bit of effort and planning we can eat nice nutritious meals, that can be prepared in few minutes.

Plan your meals first, then plan the shopping.

Make the shopping list.

Then once you have your shopping done prep your food beforehand.

Prep veggies, peel  them and cut into pieces.

Store in the container with water in the fridge for few days. Marinate your meat and then store in the fridge or freezer. Have the chicken or veggie stock prepared so you can make any soup or sauce with no time!

It’s easy! Just plan ahead and your diet will go to the next level! 😊

No more cheating days, no more fast foods, no more hungry stomach!

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