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The gut-skin connection

The gut has a very strong influence on our overall health. Thriving guts will give you a healthy immune system. But, is it only that?

Some studies say that a healthy gut is equal to healthy skin. The microbial imbalance or very little diversity of the gut microbes can result in atopic dermatitis and chronic inflammation later in life.

The food you eat will affect the diversity of the gut microbiome. Different bacteria work on different features. One type of bacteria cannot do the job properly. That is why a variety of food must be consumed for a healthy gut microbiome and, at the same time, healthy skin.

What do you need to do to make your gut and skin happy?

  • Consume diverse, nutritional food

  • Include some probiotics in your diet

  • Including fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha or yoghurt.

  • Reduce diary intake (if you are prone to acne)

That's only a few things you can do for your healthy guts and skin. However, it's a great starting point and easy to do too.

If you suffer from skin problems, it is worth thinking about what kind of diet you consume.

Let me know if you would like to know more about gut friendly food. I have a few more to share :)

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