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Thyroid gland

And why is so important to keep it intact.

Thyroid gland produce hormones , regulate growth and development of human body. It’s a major player in metabolism.

Therefore it’s very important to have it in balance.

To check whether we have a problem with the thyroid gland we can do some test. NHS provide some test also we can purchase the test privately.

Once you know whether you need to “fix” your gland, you need to do some steps into the right direction.

Depends if your thyroid gland is overactive or under…

There are few things you can do..

  • Go to your gp and talk to them

  • Take some medication

  • Make a changes in your diet

Eat rich iodine food, like fish, diary, eggs and seafood.

Eat rich selenium food like, tuna, sardines, eggs legumes and nuts.

Eat zinc rich food like shellfish, beef and chicken.

That’s some of the food you can include in your daily menu to help your gland to do the best work it can do

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