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When healthy eating becomes unhealthy.

The right food can cure lots of diseases. The right food can become medicine, and often this is true. Healthy eating together with exercise is a key to stay fit and get into shape. Being conscious about food choices was always great ways to become healthier and happier. But what about if we go a bit too far? What about the right, healthy food becoming the problem and actually damaging your health, rather than improving?

When nutrition labels and lists of ingredients are checked compulsively, or thinking about healthy and pure food is becoming an obsession, then we are dealing with eating disorder called orthorexia.

Some studies have shown that people who suffer from orthorexia also have obsessive compulsive disorder. It is very hard to diagnose this type of health problem, whether it is an alone thing or combined with other disorders. Nevertheless, people with orthorexia often seen as a health object, yet might become anorexic or bulimic patients, as the amount of food and calories they cut from their menu is immense. This way of eating can make the person malnourished.

Orthorexia is hard to diagnose and often is hidden behind so-called healthy food choices. Whether the issue can be diagnosed by a doctor or not, the individual needs help.

But ...The help often comes too late as the problem camouflages itself very well. The treatment looks very similar to treatment for anorexia or bulimia. So involves medical and mental support.

The healthy look the media propose can be very intimidating. It can cause the population to either avoid the food to become the “instagram celebrity” or to look at the food in a very negative way. All this can take the pleasure aspect of eating away and put the individual in a "box" when all the thoughts are about the “right” food.

The very fine line between healthy eating and obsession can be easily crossed. We all need to be aware of the danger coming from “healthy lifestyle” and how quickly this becomes a problem itself rather than a solution.

Are you aware of orthorexia? Do you know someone who might be suffering from it?

Maybe you have some obsessive thoughts about healthy eating?

It is very important to seek help if there is anything you might struggle with.

Stay on top of your physical and mental health, but in a positive way.

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