Collagen: What can collagen do to your body? How to boost it?

Do You Know what Collagen is? We have all heard about the name of this most powerful component called “Collagen” thousands of times. Collagen is a protein, produced in our body naturally, and is a key component for our body’s structural support in our body that compromises 90% of our connective tissues. Collagen helps our bones, muscles and skin to get their maximum strength and benefit. It improves skin appearance, hair and nails. Did you ever notice that your 20’s strength is not here anymore? This question must jump up in your brain every night laying on the bed ready to sleep. Correct me if I am wrong.

According to several collagen studies, we are most likely to lose our natural skin elasticity in our mid 20’s. Not only that, the rate increases with the addition of every year. Women can lose up to 30% of the collagen in the first five years after menopause. These stats are unexpected. RIGHT? But what about your workouts? Sipping collagen can do wonders in your workout routine. You can throw a scoop of collagen powder in your morning or pre-workout smoothies to level up and supercharge your sweaty session at the gym.


Let's have a look at what collagen do for us!

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