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How to make body recomposition simpler without counting calories?

To see progress we need to know where we are at. That means put some measures and track them. Through PN coaching you are encouraged to track your portions by hand rather than count calories. See how it went for one mum and grandma. When Laurie Campbell, 54, started the Precision Nutrition Coaching program, she was the heaviest she’d ever been. “My largest clothes were too tight, and I found it easier to stay home in stretchy yoga pants and my husband’s baggy T-shirts, eating countless bags of chips that I always kept handy,” she says. Weight loss was certainly a goal, but Laurie wanted more than that. Looking back, one moment sticks out: playing with one of her granddaughters on the floor. The little girl jumped up and ran away, and Laurie wasn’t able to get up quickly to follow her. “It was humbling for me to realize I had lost so much mobility and strength when I was once an avid runner involved in many sports and physical activities,” says Laurie. In the past, Laurie meticulously counted calories. “I obsessively weighed and measured everything. I don’t think that encouraged a very healthy relationship with food.” By setting impossible standards for herself, Laurie set herself up for the extreme highs and lows that come with chasing the “perfect diet.” But when she switched to hand portions? “I found it to be a relief,” she says. (We hear that a lot.) Hand portions also helped Laurie understand how she may have gained weight in the first place. “I realized I was serving myself the same portions as my husband, who is considerably larger than me,” she says. By the end of the program, Laurie lost 38 pounds and 24 inches. Since then, she’s lost five more pounds, just by keeping up with what she learned. “I feel fantastic now! I’m no longer ruled by food, diets, and obsessive monitoring,” Laurie says. “I’m not afraid to have dessert, but at the same time, I’ve learned to keep those chips out of the pantry.” And best of all? “I can easily keep up with my granddaughters now. Well, most of the time!” Do you want to give it a go? Get in touch now to get your personalised meal guide and start your coaching journey.

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